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The Transcendental Circuit: Otherworlds of Poetry

Coming in early 2018 from MadHat Press it's my first collection of critical prose. From the "golden age of poetry blogging" to the debased age of Trump, this collection of essays and meditations explores contemporary poetry from its margins: the pastoral, the fictional, and the mystical. The hinge and heart of the book is a selection of my correspondence with the late poet Reginald Shepherd, in which we challenged each other to think more generously and rigorously about the emerging field of twenty-first century American poet. Other essays consider the poet's role in a time when the public and private spheres have seemingly exchanged places; the poet's novel; and the crossroads of visionary and materialist poetics. The title essay constitutes a defense of poetry but also a critique of the dangerously persistent desire to transcend the particulars of historical and embodied existence. 

"How did you become a writer?"

"After brief flirtations with the vocations of astronaut, airline pilot, and 'guy in a white coat holding a foaming test tube,' at the age of twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer and I’ve basically never looked back."

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from the Cliffdwellers

A "New" Review of Beautiful Soul: An American Elegy



In a 2014 issue of Review of Contemporary Fiction, Joseph Dewey had this to say about my first novel: 

"Poets know that plot is at best an accomplished divertissement, at worst a distraction, a self-justifying invitation to ignore the exotic, coaxing lure of words--the evocative musical surface of the text, the immediacy of vowels and consonants at serious play--and to ignore the clean world-ness of images themselves--the density of immersion in event, the collisions of angles, forms, and color that become, within the curious dynamic of memory, the past that, in turn, shapes (and distorts) the integrity of the self. Make no mistake--Joshua Corey is a poet, testified to not only by his four volumes of spare and brittle poetry but by his achievement here, his first novel."

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A new translation of Francis Ponge's seminal 1942 book of prose poems, Le parti pris des choses, published by Kenning Editions. Get your copy direct from the publisher, from Small Press Distribution, or if you must, from Amazon

Read my essay "Trying to Translate Ponge" and two poems from the book at the Poetry Society of America.

Read the three poems that were published in the July/August 2016 issue of Poetry:

Novel Writing Boot Camp

For the third June in a row I'll be teaching a summer course in novel writing at Lake Forest College. Click here for details.

Redrum Natura

 A new chapbook of poetry available exclusively from the publisher, Goodmorning Menagerie.  Click here to learn more.

A new chapbook of poetry available exclusively from the publisher, Goodmorning Menagerie. Click here to learn more.

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A Reading in Ithaca, NY

Description: Joshua Corey reads from his novel Beautiful Soul: An American Elegy at Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca, NY on July 10, 2014.